Welcome to Bridgeport Distribution!

Bridgeport Distribution, Inc. (BDI) and Bridgeport Logistics, LLC (BL) offer:

Full service transportation and distribution throughout the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the continental United States.

In addition, Bridgeport Distribution, Inc. is:

  1. Organically certified,
  2. Licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission,
  3. Licensed by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture as a food grade warehouse.

Portland Distribution and Contract Warehousing

Bridgeport  Distribution, Inc.’s modern warehouse provides shipping, receiving, and storage of  products on a contract basis. Our wide range of services include  everything from pick and pack to transportation planning.  We can stock, manage and distribute inventory to your specifications. Clients can commit to a specific period of time (generally in years) for these services.  Fees may be transaction and storage based, fixed, cost plus, or any  combination. Our services are comprehensive and customizable.

Contract Warehousing

We offer contract warehousing as an attractive alternative for companies seeking to  out-source their warehousing and distribution functions and take advantage of our Portland, Oregon distribution center, among others. Our service allows customers to focus their attention on  the strengths of their own business. Bridgeport Distribution’s unique approach to setting up a contract warehousing model gives you the flexibility you need to ensure cost-effective warehouse operations are established and risks are shared.What are the advantages of contract warehousing? First, the lower labor costs and reduced exposure to Worker’s Compensation. Also, there are increased opportunities to capture and control costs, as well as a reduction in the administrative  burdens associated with managing a large labor force. Our detailed dashboard and KPI (key performance  indicators) metrics helps the entire process in many ways. We are proud of our Portland, Oregon  facilities’ distribution functions and use of Best in Industry practices.

Our Facilities

Facilities can include:

  • secured trailer parking,
  • high cubed rack environment,
  • double-deep/narrow aisle,
  • high density storage,
  • food-grade warehousing,
  • meeting AIB standards,
  • temperature (38 degrees F to 65 degrees F) and humidity-controlled environments,
  • sprinkler systems exceeding factory mutual standards and
  • much more!

Sanitation should be a top priority in any contract warehousing operation. As food inventory experts, cleanliness should include a sanitation program with:

  • full-time, licensed and certified janitorial staff,
  • installation and proper maintenance of a pest control barrier around the perimeter of every warehouse,
  • daily visual audits to prevent harborage problems,
  • buildings with proper and routine maintenance including painting, rack repairs and dock repairs.


Security is also a very important factor for Portland distribution and warehousing. Items such as guard controlled gates, 24/7 on-site security management including site and video surveillance and central station monitored alarm systems have proven to be very effective. Some contract warehousing facilities also provide digital imaging of transport drivers as well as documentation, controlled access using biometric and keyless technology, and a fire system with ERS sprinklers.

BDI and BL are a family of companies providing a full range of premium distribution and transportation services tailored to our customers’ needs.